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Team :

34 people

Royalty :


Social :



Mint date :


Presale date :


Supply : 5,555 NFTs

Price : TBA

Description :

What is KongVerse?

The greatest discovery since quantum mechanics - the most important breakthrough in science and fashion consciousness for the next 50 years. A planet full of unknown technology and impeccable fashion.
We will be the first Dress to Earn(D2E) fashion game in Decentraland. (phase 1)
Build an inspiring and original Dress to Earn(D2E) metaverse - KongVerse. (phase 2)

During our exploration of the vast space that makes up the cosmos, we discovered a spaceship surrounded by an eerie, out-of-this-world substance. We were very curious, so we followed it. As we got closer, the spaceship entered a wormhole. Fortunately, we had already launched a drone. It managed to attach itself to the spaceship before it vanished. Just before the wormhole closed, we received a blurry image signal. We examined this image carefully and discovered a mysterious planet with evidence of intelligent life: KongVerse.

After additional data analysis, we found that KongVerse had already established an advanced civilization. Highly intelligent gorillas called NovaKongs are the dominant species; governed by the benevolent King NovaKong. KongVerse has an indestructible defense system built from a unique alloy known as Nova. This has safeguarded KongVerse from unwanted invaders and allowed its inhabitants to live peaceful and creative lives. King NovaKong has utilized Nova to construct a metropolis complete with high-tech luxuries such as flying cars, maglev trains, upside-down structures, and many more wonders. There's a very special phenomenon on KongVerse: each NovaKong's clothing is one-of-a-kind. It can't be compared to any style seen on Earth. Although the outfits consist of a variety of unrelated elements, they look quite harmonious and pleasant overall. This phenomenon is known as the Daily Aesthetics.
Because of the strict defense system of KongVerse, our spaceship was unable to enter the atmosphere. This made us even more curious about what kind of environment existed there. We decided to prepare for an expedition unlike any other in human history: an in-depth investigation into the culture of KongVerse!
We've been orbiting outside KongVerse recently, monitoring satellites and intercepting their intermittent signals. After analyzing the data, we were able to obtain a lot of fascinating images. These pictures revealed many popular styles from top designer brands. Did the designers have prior knowledge of KongVerse? Maybe Earth's fashion industry has been getting its inspiration from KongVerse all along.
As we did more research, we found that not only had King NovaKong developed an avant-garde fashion style, but KongVerse was much more civilized than earth in many other areas. The tranquil life on KongVerse has enabled visual design, installation art, product design, music, architecture, entertainment, food, communication, and many other exciting creations to be more advanced than on Earth. After all, King NovaKong is an exquisite and sophisticated creature. The Daily Aesthetics enable the NovaKongs to express themselves in creative ways that humans just can't compete with.

Through the professional research done by our scientists, we have developed a system of advanced technology. Each candidate can use the latest precision instruments to connect with King NovaKong's mind, directly integrate into KongVerse, and learn the top Daily Aesthetics.
Daily Aesthetics include clothing, accessories, music, art, architecture, entertainment, food, and other exclusive rewards. They are not limited to a single creation in only one field. Daily Aesthetics provide the opportunity to cross borders of style, integrating different artistic components and creating unlimited possibilities for unique expression.
First, we will welcome 5,555 members: designers, creators, musicians, architects, chefs, entrepreneurs, engineers, and other visionaries.
Second, we gather at NovaCamp and hold a series of Dress to Earn(D2E) trials, competitions, and games – everyone must be rigorously trained before entering KongVerse. Professional judges and a public vote will decide the winners of each event, and prizes will be awarded to the most distinguished participants.
Finally, after diligent training at NovaCamp, it will be time to gather all NovaKongs and get ready to step into KongVerse; where fashion and creativity flourish!

We are a group of innovative individuals who share a common dream: to create a beautiful world dedicated to the celebration of art and fashion. Our 3D artist has produced visual effects and animations for big projects such as the Grand Theft Auto series, Fortnite, and Elden Ring. Our imaginative creative director is a performer with over 12 years of experience in the entertainment and fashion industry. He has worked with top fashion companies like Louis Vuitton, Dior, and FENDI. Crunching numbers, we have a crypto expert turned NFT enthusiast who has always had their eye on blockchain technology. Finally, there's our tech wizard, an engineer knowledgeable in GameFi projects and immersed in the Web3.0 world.
Individually, we have all had success in our own fields. We are looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish by working together. The road can be hard, and we appreciate everyone who has helped us get to where we are now.
An exciting decision was made. We are going to combine all our talents to create a Dress to Earn(D2E) fashion metaverse. A place where we can not only promote our own brands, but also provide an opportunity for other designers, artists, and musicians to join us and do the same.
After almost a year of careful planning, we are ready to build a space for all talented and visionary creators to display their work in the Web3.0 world. We want to assist others in joining this fashion metaverse so you can manage your own brand and even showcase or sell unique products.
We are thrilled to announce that we will open our doors for major fashion brands to join us. They will be allowed to host exchange activities so that NovaKongs can adorn themselves in the most popular fashions. Famous brands such as Gucci, LV, Dior, Prada, Supreme, Nike, and Adidas will be invited along with other well-known artists and designers.
Are you ready to join us on KongVerse and enjoy the first Dress to Earn(D2E) world together? We would like to welcome you to the fashion metaverse of the NovaKongs!

Road map :

01. KongVerse collection launch of 5,555 NFTs.
Be the first Dress to Earn(D2E)project to hit the market where you will have your 2D and 3D NovaKongs revealed simultaneously.

02. Purchase NFT land assets in an established metaverse and hire designers to build NovaCamp for everyone to enjoy while preparing for the trip to KongVerse.

03. 2D NovaKongs can be staked to get $NKC every day. After wallet verification, 2D NovaKong holders will need to wait several hours before their identical 3D NovaKong is created.

04. Both your 2D and 3D NovaKongs will be revealed simultaneously. 2D and 3D NovaKongs are two independent collections with different functions and rewards.

05. NovaKong Coin ($NKC) is the only currency in KongVerse, which can be obtained by staking a 2D NovaKong, and participating in Dress to Earn (D2E) activities.

06. We will be designing a massive training area called NovaCamp. Various Dress to Earn(D2E) games, activities, and tournaments will take place in there.

07. NovaSpace is an area located in NovaCamp, which can only be accessed by 3D NovaKong holders. Holders of five 3D NovaKongs will have the right to use their own NovaSpace.

08. We already have a diverse team of artists and plan to invite world-renowned brands to join NovaCamp. Brands may include Supreme, Off-White, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, CHANEL, Burberry, Fendi, Converse, and more.

09. Flowers are your game points. Through the various Dress to Earn(D2E) competitions, you will earn more flower points. These can be refined to create perfume, which will enhance your NovaKong with special properties.

10. When we are ready to launch KongVerse. We will release an exclusive NFT collection only available to purchase with $NKC.

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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