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Team :

4 people

Royalty :


Social :


Toxic Skulls Club

Mint date :


Presale date :


Supply : 9,999 NFTs

Price : WL 0.07 ETH, Public 0.08 ETH

Description :

Toxic Skulls Club is an NFT collection of 9,999 skulls with over 390 hand drawn traits!

Our Story
In a faraway land skeletons were roaming the forest in search of the river of life! Longing to be mortals again they continued their search until one day they found a river. This river flowed in bright pastel colors that set these skeletons in a trance. Without hesitation they all jumped in! As each one emerged from the river they were shocked to see they’d all been mutated to Toxic Skulls. This river was not the river of life but a toxic one! The Toxic Skulls formed a Club to set out and conquer the world in their new toxified self!

When you buy a Toxic Skull, you're not simply buying a rare piece of art. You are buying into a club whose benefits will increase over time. Your Toxic Skull can become your digital identity, opening digital opportunities for you.

The Toxic Skulls are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Each holder is given ownership and commercial usage rights of their NFT.

Road map :


-Aggressive marketing to increase exposure and demand for Toxic Skulls Club
-NFT + Whitelist Giveaways
-Exclusive Pre-Sale Discount for Whitelisted Members only


-$10,000 GIVEAWAY
-Mint 2 NFT’s and you will be entered to win $10,000. The winner will be announced after we sell out of our 9999 NFT’s!
Each holder is given ownership and commercial usage rights of their NFT(s).
When you buy a Toxic Skull, you’re gaining membership access to a club that will increase overtime in not only members but benefits! You’ll be able to join a private discord channel, designed to propose your ideas and make decisions alongside our team about the development of future TSC projects.
We will allocate 20% of royalties to a community fund for marketing expenses, future giveaways, drops, events, Metaverse developments etc… Owners of TSC NFTs will get together and vote on how we should spend this money.
We will be making donations from royalties to different organizations in order to help make the world a better place.
The Toxic Skulls Club will be extended to the Sandbox Metaverse, where the founders will buy a 3x3 land once the project is sold out. This would allow us to advertise our TSC logo on Sandbox and link to Opensea, which would bring more attention to the project. This land will be our HEADQUARTERS, where all the Toxic Skulls can meet.
A clothing line inspired by the Toxic Skulls Club is already in the works, designed by our talented artist Friks84. This exclusive line will be available to TSC members only.
In person events for exclusive Toxic Skulls Club members only. Parties and masterminds will be organized with influential people related to crypto, NFTs, investing, real estate in popular locations such as Miami, NYC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, etc…TSC Members will be able to vote on upcoming events.
A new collection? Creation of TSC token with staking features? Metaverse Developments? We will let the community vote and decide.

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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