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Presale Live


After the massive digital revolution, the world has become cyberspace. Major cities and infrastructure have become utopian worlds. Thanks to digitalization, incredible possibilities have emerged. In CyberVerse you can become anything: become a space pirate who fights in the sky and on the ground, open your own store and resell valuable artifacts obtained on the battlefield, defend an entire city, getting into the control center through the created connections. In CyberVerse you can earn however you want, do whatever you want, and become whoever you want. Join us in CyberVerse now!

Explore modern neon cities, full of entertainment and gain possibilities, dangerous forbidden landscapes, with mystic creatures lurking at nights, space areas with battleship fights and action! It was never that entertaining to make gains!

You have to prove to the world that you are worth it. Fight your way to the top and become the best in your field. Beware that the leaderboard will reset each quarter so that everyone has a fair chance to become the best!

-Team up
Create clans, fractions, alliances or hordes, buy your team property and create your own bases, headquarters and even cities! Control your territories and protect them. Obtain power and respect in CyberVerse space.

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