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Dogs Kombat

Presale 31/03

Dogs Kombat

A fighting game inspired by legendary Mortal Kombat :

The story behind began 500 years ago with the annual martial arts tournament. The warriors of the Earth had the last chance to restore balance in the entire Universe to win the tournament and break the chain of victories of the chaos warriors. That was the only way to decide who will rule the World - Light or Darkness.

Dogs Kombat combines two unique worlds — a thrilling game in the fighting genre and an ecosystem for those who want to collect and trade NFTs. It is a community-driven game on the blockchain where you can monetize gaming experiences and assets.
Participants of the game are able to fight in tournaments. To participate, you must have DK tokens on your wallet. The collected funds form a winning pool. The winner takes it all.

Dogs Kombat is a play-to-earn game. Fight, win and earn DK tokens. All fighters can be traded as NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible. Purchasing in-game assets, such as weapons and tools, increase your chances of winning exciting tournaments!
So, prepare for the life-and-death battle and... HELP DOGS KOMBAT WIN!

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