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Tokenomics :

-25% Token Sale
-25% Strategic Partners
-10% Team
-28,75% Rewards Pool
-11,25% Staking Rewards

Team :


Rewards :


Social :



Launch date :


Presale date :

Supply : 4B Tokens

Blockchain : Algorand

Description :

Building A Decentralised Entertainment Ecosystem

We’re creating an ecosystem where consumers turn their time into rewards, brands advertise with trust, and creators break boundaries.

Xnite revolutionizes digital mediaby bringing forth innovative user experiences,effective engagement models and inclusiveecosystem economics for thebenet of the community.Consumer centricexperienceData drivenengagementTransparent andRewarding EconomicsA blockchain based solution to shape thefuture of digital entertainment in atrusted environment.

Road map :

-2018 Q4
Idea Conceptualised
Security Token Preparations and Launch

-2019 Q1
Eros Partnership
Security Token Closing

-2019 Q3
Microsoft Partnership & Scale up Program VuRail Partnership

-2019 Q4
Streaming Platform Alpha Release
Rewards v 1.0; E-Store v 1.0

-2020 Q1
Streaming Platform
Beta Release

-2020 Q2
Streaking Platform Public Release
Linear Channels Integration

-2020 Q3
Streaming platform V2.0
Ad Tech Integration
Dailyhunt Partnership

-2020 Q4
Blockchain Rewards
Mzaalo Wallet
600+ Reward Partners

-2021 Q1
Influencer Stories XET Token Launch (testate)

-2021 Q2
Fan Tokens
Engagement SDK XET Token Closing & Listing
Algorand Mainnet Integration
Digital Goods

-2021 Q3
Brand Campaign / BI Tools Blockchain
data Rights Management

-2021 Q4
XET Token Listing on Exchange
Staking Programme launch
NFT marketplace launch
Mzaalo dApp Mainnet launch

-2022 Q1
NFT Launchpad
App Accelerator
Launch of ETH and BSC Bridge
First cohort App Accelerator

-2022 Q2
Solana Bridge launch
Games Ecosystem
Indexer release

-2022 Q3
DRM Launch
Fan token development
Second Cohort for App Accelerator

-2022 Q4
Fan token launch
E-store launch for Digital creators

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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