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Tokenomics :


Team :


Rewards :


Social :



Launch date :


Presale date :

Supply : 1Q Tokens

Blockchain : BSC / ETH

Description :

Zinu is the ultimate, the definitive, the original Zombie. He knows how to mix with humanity as much as he knows how to fight the evil forces at play. Defiantly fearless, audacious to a fault, he’s continually haunted by something darker. What that is, currently, we don’t know, but partner we must, to help Zinu defeat it.

ZINU Token was created to feature a myriad of utilities: including its ability to be used across multiple chains, give $ZINU holders unparalleled access to ultra-rare assets, and give our community the ability to interact unlike any other within cryptocurrency. We are a team of experienced developers, marketers, and artists that insist on raising the bar. Our team is made up of senior team members who worked at Amazon, Google, Intel & Microsoft, to name a few, with deep connections to leadership within the Tech, Media and Entertainment Industry; focused on providing the community with an opportunity to be a part of a huge vision.

ZINU was created as a passion project that has grown into a movement focused on completely disrupting the industry through royalty-free, decentralized intellectual property. With a complex and compelling storyline for our character, we aim to connect and empower the community to be part of a growing brand that can be used and commercialized from entertainment and gaming, to apparel, toys, and collectibles.

Our first exclusive NFT collection, Zombie Mob Secret Society, will feature 10,000 unique Gen 0 avatars. ZINU is the industry’s first fully animated 3D NFT that can walk, strut, run, flip, dance, and fly. In application of its proprietary solution, ZINU has generated trillions of unique 3D full-motion zombified ZINU character combinations, with only 10,000 total NFTs that will be minted to the blockchain.

Road map :

-Website Launch ✅
-Coin Gecko Listing ✅
-Coin Marketcap Listing ✅
-CERTIK Audit ✅
-Website Re-design ✅
-1000+ holders ✅
-BSC Bridge ✅
-$10 Million Market Cap ✅
-10,000 Holders ✅
-$50 Million Market Cap ✅
-$100 Million Market Cap ✅
-CEX Listings ✅
-Staking ✅
-Apocalypse Paper
-25,000 Holders ✅
-50,000 Holders
-Viral Campaign 2.0
-Launch Discord ✅
-Launch NFT Marketplace
-Viral Campaign
-Regional Telegrams ✅
-Partnerships ✅
-Zombie Inu NFT Presale ✅
-ZinuTools: Place for All Utilities ✅
-ZinuScan: Contract Scanner
-ZinuStats: Track Redis, Burn, Price, MC ✅
-ZinuWallet: Hold $ZINU & More
-10,000 One-of-a-Kind NFT Drop ✅
-#ZombieMob Virtual Summit
-Social Platform for $ZINU Holders
-$500 Million Market Cap
-$1 Billion Market Cap
-P2E Game
-Website v.3
-Press and Media ✅
-100,000 Holders
-250,000 Holders
-$5 Billion Market Cap
-Merchandise & Collectibles ✅
Much Much More...

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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