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Team :


Royalty :


Social :



Mint date :

30/04/2022-18.00 UTC

Presale date :

30/04/2022-15.00 UTC

Supply : 3,333 NFTs

Price : TBA (~200$)

Description :

First project which sends 100% of royalty to save ecology fund, companies such as GreenPeace, Coral Reef Alliance, WWF, FSC.

We present unique 3333 3D models with deep meaning. Our main goal is to popularize the movement of struggle for ecology, oppression of minorities and the fight against racial discrimination. I hope you make the right decision.

Our task is to attract a lot of companies to use NFT technology for documentation, this will lead to less use of paper, and, accordingly, will help nature.

Many billions of years ago, the big bang created our beautiful planet called Earth. For many years it has been transformed and improved. The Earth was inhabited by many different kinds of living organisms, which evolved over time. 2.6 million years ago the first man appeared, and that is when the Earth as we know it began to form. Many things have changed because of human activity, both positive and negative. Most environmental problems are caused by human activity.
Our project is about how beautiful and admirable our planet can be, we draw attention to these problems, and we care. All what you want to imagine is in Aqua Heads NFT's.

AquaHeads includes 2 collections:

1. Deep(hidden) meaning collection. (issue, animals, fishes, landscapes, ecology)
2. Hype collection(famous people, outfits)

Road map :

Phase 1: Pre-drop (beginning of Feb)

|- Functional discord server, there are many channels in our discord where you can find the information that you are interested in and find out chanel where you can do what you want.

|- Unique Organic Growth Tactics, such as shilling, targeted advertising, collaborations in twitter, tik tok, instagram.

|- Celebrity & Influencer Partnerships, we contact them in all ways and agree on advertisements, collaborations, inviting people to our server.

|- Giveaways such as WL, special gifts and exclusive roles.

Phase 2: Drop(Feb-Apr)

|- Collabs with other projects, it means that our team makes collaborations with other popular discord servers about NFTs.

|- Making huge community in Discord(>25k), Twitter(>15k).

|- Drop, mint on our website(Apr).

|- Litsing on marketplaces : MagicEden, Solanart, Solanalysis.

|- Original unlockable content like getting opportunity for excusive giveaways, chats, meetings for holders; merch and role @・Aqua Holder

Phase 3: Post-Drop (May-June)

|- Making an airdrop collection, which will be made with Leonid-AquaHeads designer.

|- AquaHeads Team and AquaHeads holders decide in which direction to develop the project. (FUND, DAO, PRIVATE Group, Education platform, etc.).

Phase 4: Charity (June-Aug)

|- Continue doing support job.

|- Send 100% of royalty (resales on marketplace) to save ecology fund, companies such as GreenPeace, Coral Reef Alliance, WWF, FSC.

| - We give access through the verifier to an educational platform on which we collect all the knowledge that is available in general on the crypt, launching our own projects, drawing generative collections in 3D and promoting our NFT.

| - Make our own FUND, name will be chosen with AquaHeads community.

(One of the most necessary parts of the Roadmap)
Phase 5: Environmental aid (Aug-Jan)

| - Make our own fund, name will be chosen with AquaHeads community. One of the main aims of the AquaHeads fund : cleanup of local areas (etc states, parks, areas of little importance to the state). The most appropriate classification for our foundation is Public Foundations.

| - One of the appropriate names for our foundation might be AquaLifes, this name is not used in the field of charity on such websites as ,

| - To create a fund, you need to follow some important steps:
1) Create a foundation agreement.
2) Adopt the charter (rules and procedures governing the internal management of a charitable organization).
3) Appoint members of the Board of Directors. Having qualified advice, including experts, can help fulfill your mission and demonstrate public trust.
4) Hold the first meeting of the board of Directors and prepare the minutes.
5) Prepare and submit to the Secretary of State a founding agreement for the official establishment of a charitable company in the United States.
Next, the AquaHeads team will need to apply separately for tax exemption status at both the federal and state levels.

| - Open a separate bank account for a charitable organization.

| - Moreover, the team will need to obtain a license to conduct charitable activities in the United States.

| - For three months, the AquaHeads team has been raising funds through fundraising events, social media campaigns, video clips about the mission of your charitable organization, cooperation with other charitable organizations, support of relations with foundations and trusts that make charitable donations, applications for charitable grants.

| - Submit the necessary annual tax and corporate reports required by the Regulator of each state. You may need to file documents with other government agencies, such as the state Attorney General.

| - Hiring employees related to the creation of their own fund, a company for cleaning up the planet, recycling garbage. (one of the first worker is @Colsumama | AquaHeads - Manolo from Colombia currently finishing his studies in environmental Engineering) @everyone
The above mentioned goals will be held with the participation of AquaHeads community

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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