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Team :

5 people

Royalty :


Social :


Bionic Era

Mint date :


Presale date :


Supply : 3,333 NFTs

Price : WL 0.15 ETH, Public 0.18 ETH

Description :

You want to meet and party with famous people, celebrities, big investors and entrepreneurs, right? Don't miss out on the next big opportunity.

Join our private club, BIONIC ERA!

BIONIC ERA is a limited collection of 3,333 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain network created by a well-known production studio. Each BIONIC ERA soldier NFT is unique. Why don't we increase the supply to 10,000? It’s simple, we want to be able to control and manage the floor price in the best way possible and keep it high so that you can enjoy the increased value of the NFTs.

During the pre-sale, we will only select qualified people via a Raffle system. Through this system, we will be able to control who we take in the whitelist.

When you become BIONIC, you will join an EXCEPTIONAL community.This means that you will have access to a family of investors and entrepreneurs who share opportunities NOT TO BE MISSED!

Road map :

Something is disturbing the biology of a small part of our humanity. The people who think differently than others become special. They became BIONIC with a clear vision of the system and what they have to do. The BIONIC ERA STARTED They started to project themselves in the WEB 3.0 and went out of the system. BIONIC ERA lands to flood the networks.
Deployment of 3,333 units is underway.
3,333 humans became aware bionic and started to conquer the Metaverse.

That's it! We have conquered the networks and Web 3.0 Our community is growing exponentially.
The bionic influence is omnipresent on the
networks. Nobody understands what is going on.
Due to this influence, people start to think
differently and want to join the new era
movement. Don't be too Late!

Join our group of elite entrepreneurs and
investors for a chance to win free NFTs and WL spots through a RAFFLE system that rewards the most dedicated BIONIC ERA soldiers.
You may have the chance to win whitelist access to our collection. Enter the bionic discord.
Every day our discord will be animated by our team and we wiLL propose contests in order to win a whitelist spot!

Bionic Era continues its conquest across the world.
Be ready to see us in Times Square. In our discord you will be able to meet thousand of people like you! Be ready to make real and strong connections with entrepreneurs, investors, artists, athletes, etc.. You will join the BIONIC force and
build a strong community. Our army will conquer the WEB 3.O and the metaverse. Our focus is to create a strong community in the long run.

Bionic Era supported by big whales and famous whales group. They will introduce Bionic Era inside them community with quality investors.


Paying out the rewards to the Holders
The most engaged Bionic Humans will be
rewarded with a whitelist spot during the launch of our Season 2, which will approximately be 4-6 weeks after the official launch.
During the reveal: 10,000 Dollars will be donated to humanitarian associations.

For season 2, a trailer video will be posted after the mint. New specimens of BIONIC SOLDIERS that you have never seen before will be revealed.
You can be sure that the artwork will be even crazier with exceptional and very detailed 3D NFTS.

To celebrate the achievement of the Season 1 of Bionic Era NFT, our merch will be launched.
Chosen holders will receive free merch. We will keep promoting our project through partnerships with celebrities and advertisements on different platforms!
All Bionic Era NFTs are designed to beapart of the metaverse. If you are a holder, you will be able to use your Bionic Era NFT in the metaverse.

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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