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Team :

2 people

Royalty :


Social :


Bored Betty Tear

Mint date :


Presale date :


Supply : 10,000 NFTs

Price : WL 0.005 ETH, Public 0.01 ETH

Description :

We are a team of some ordinary people, just like others, who came together to start Bored Betty Tear Project.We came a long way here and already have been working more than 3 months.

Our team is little for now.We are looking for some teammates.If you are interested in, please contact our team leaders from discord link.

We are at the start of our way, so we need time to develop.

All projects looks similar at the beginning, being new and small makes NFT prices cheap, that makes it profitable for future.There is nothing valuable but cheap, so we need to invest projects by looking it’s potential.That’s why we came together, give effort and earn with you.

We will always update our goals and add new ones, so that we keep developping.We already contacted a few famous person to lead our project.Soon, we will declare it.

For now, there are a couple of goals to do, we will pick one of them and make it real.All we need is you and time.

One of them is a token system under our project, which will make buyers profit daily.

The second is online gaming about our bears.

The third one is create a brand.

One other one is to cooperate with brands.

We are also planning to meet our buyers in real life and arrange parties.

All of them will be updated soon, as we find time.

Stay tuned.

Road map :

Phase 0 ( Preparation Stage / January 2022 - April 2022 )

✅ Building a solid team
✅ Deciding on NFT character, utilities, investments, walkthrough
✅ Preparing 10,000 BBT NFTs
✅ Building social medias and discord server
:alarmgreen: Building a big community and reach a significant amount
⌛ Building own website
⌛ Preparing smart contracts
⌛ Minting 10,000 unique BBT NFTs on 5 different website
⌛ Listing on Secondary Markets

Phase 1 ( After Mint / April 2022 - August 2022 )

⌛ Partnerships with other NFT projects, offer BBT NFT holders facility
⌛ BBT Game pre-release
⌛ Enlarge BBT core-team
⌛ Work on BBT NFT V2 at background
⌛ More than 5,000 BBT NFTs are sold
⌛ Invest half of the revenue from project to BBT Token
⌛ BBT Token release
⌛ Staking Bored Betty Tear NFT & yield and earn BBT token
⌛ BBT NFT holder gamers earn BBT token by playing game
⌛ Weekly airdrops of tokens to holders

Phase 2 ( Realization / August 2022 - December 2022 )

⌛ Own real world office
⌛ Own land from Metaverse and build BBTland
⌛ BBT NFT community moves to BBTland
⌛ Enlarge BBT core-team more
⌛ BBT Game 1.0 release
⌛ 10,000 BBT NFTs are sold
⌛ BBT NFTs transform into mutant with BBT tokens
⌛ Minting BBT NFT V2

Phase 3 ( Field Force / Q1 2023 / Q3 2023 )

⌛ Cooperation with dressing company
⌛ Own all royalties of BBT name
⌛ Establishment of a legal corporation and company
⌛ Enlarge BBT core-team more
⌛ Providing specific roles in team for committed members
⌛ DAO community communication Implementing community suggestions
⌛ Testing the voting and DAO processes
⌛ Arrange community yatch/cosplay parties

Phase 4 ( Corporation / Q4 2024 / Q3 2023 )
⌛ Start BBT teddy-bear toys company
⌛ Presentation of specific bear-friendly Charity Organisations
⌛ Start of the voting process of BBT NFT holders
⌛ Distribution the funds to the chosen Charity Organisation
⌛ Transparency for traceability of funds
⌛ System of investing BBT company in share

Phase 5 ( Independence / Q4 2023 / ... )
⌛ Start of the new consensus phase
⌛ Distribution of revenues to community
⌛ Arrange community concert and meetings
⌛ Community voting on a new consensus topic
⌛ Restart of the initial consensus circle
⌛ DAO reaches full autonomy

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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