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Team :

5 people

Royalty :


Social :


Curious Ape

Mint date :


Presale date :


Supply : 10,000 NFTs

Price : WL 2 SOL, Public 3 SOL

Description :

The Curious Ape Street Club is unique and randomly generated 3D NFT PFP
Furthermore, it could be used out of making coins
Meet Curious Ape and Chill on the Street!

STORY of Curious Ape

#1Secret Experiment
In the middle of a city shopping town, there was a underground secret lab. Though it seemed to be risky to hide under the crowed place, it was perfect to conceal the lab. The research team developed ‘Magic Drug’ which could be able to reorganize DNA structure of mammals and did various experiments on apes to make intelligent ones like human beings. However, they barely got results anticipated.

#2Curious Ape
Unlike the thought of teams, apes were getting brain power. Though not being intelligent, at least, they were starting to think about reasons. Why they could eat only when the researcher fed them. Why they could play only if he wanted to. And why they couldn’t go out together when he leaved. It seemed that the only difference between he and they is wearing a piece of white cloth instead of fur... ‘Wait a second… White Cloth..?’

#3The Door Opens
The fruitless lab was notified of shutdown. Despite devoting his life to the experiment, the only things left for the researcher were the baldhead and the fatty belly. There was nothing important for him when he was worried about the child support and even the rent. Almost beside himself with anxious, he flung off the gown and leaved the lab. A ape didn’t miss the moment. He put on the gown carefully and reflected himself on the glass door. Boasting with the pretty cool look, he stepped closer the door. At that moment, ‘BEEP!’, OMG, the door opened.

#4Clothes make the man!
Realized the truth. Covered fabric, the clothes are power and ability. He opened all of doors in the lab and gathered his buddies. ‘Get out. Get out and find the clothes. Clothes are freedom. Clothes are a revolution.‘ At dawn when everyone was asleep, the ape squad came out to the ground. Well, you know where they are. The shopping town. Apes stared quietly at a shop filled with colorful clothing. Eyes were getting bigger. Hearts were beating fast. 'What kind of ability would these give...?'

Road map :

-Phase 1

Curious Ape is a series of 10,000 NFTs as first journey of great ‘Illionverse‘. It would be distributed to White List and Public Sale. The use of the minting profits is right below.
Illionverse, a Social Metaverse Platform (WIP) based on UnrealEngine™, consists of the most NFT objects and aims at Web 3.0 where users could have ownerships.

Curious Ape could be used as Genesis NFT which has various utility functions on the metaverse. Targeting on DAO where decision making of metaverse ecosystem could happen by NFT holders, we took building a balanced community as a start point for our journey.

-Phase 2
Rewards & Utility

Holders of Curious Ape Street Club NFT have the right to vote as members of CASC DAO (1NFT = 1VOTE)
All rights for Holder
The property right of writing will be transferred to holders and they could make derivative works. Furthermore, they could be distributed the profits when the foundation make use of their own NFTs.
Secret Room
Holders would be in the WL of Secret Room NFT which is private place on Illionverse, automatically.
By Curious Ape Staking, holders could earn interest called ‘Illion’(working title), the ecological coin on Illionverse.

-Phase 3
Metaverse & More

Communication AI
Randomly airdrop Communication AI that is a chat function with holders’ own NFTs on Illionverse, and available in advance before official launch of the metaverse.
Add Governance Function on Illionverse.
Breeding System
Holders who have 2+ NFTs could create new NFTs using Breeding System. The new one couldn't be Genesis NFT, but it could get special functions and benefits.
Play to Earn System
Start to develop P2E game available on Illionverse with a global game maker.
X to Earn System
As the end of the road, we will build a X2E system that provide diverse social communication and share various befits for holders.

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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