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Team :

5 people

Royalty :


Social :


Da Punk

Mint date :


Presale date :


Supply : 5,252 NFTs

Price : TBA

Description :


Built around an initial drop of unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, the project unites style, technology and community, and establishes Da Punk as next generation playable characters.
Da Punks were created by an award winning team of talented, expert designers and developers.
We called on the most experienced people in the industry to deliver a remarkable, cutting edge product with the goal to break the norm of what an “NFT Project” is defined to be.

With our upcoming Metaverse, Dao, an Sandbox land, Da Punks has utility for every level of NFT investor, from beginner to seasoned veterans.

Our community is built with positivity and friendship, which makes our Discord a great place for NFT buyers old and new to discuss our project, the future of the space, and even suggest new ideas to implement into our roadmap.


The long-term purpose of Da Punk is to create our own metaverse.

You will be the instigators of this new world.

You will be a member of the community, and as such you will be able to make decisions regarding our future.

Moreover, you will be able to incarnate your own Punk in this metaverse, where the possibilities will be infinite."

Road map :

Decentralized Autonomous PUNK

To us, the DAO community and quality comes first.

Our goal is to make our first drop as cool as possible so we can have freedom to further develop our universe.
We are still working on a number of rarity criteria, as well as a lot of other punk concepts.
We will announce our drop release date once we are satisfied with the project’s quality and technical aspects.
We also need to work hard with our community to make Discord and Twitter even cooler with new additions through time.

Punk PFPs that feature a diverse and unique pool of rarity-powered traits.
What's more, each Da Punk unlocks private club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold them.
This being access to our private events irl, sandbox and also in our Metaverse integrations.

Not Only A PFP - Da Punk Merch Line

The exhibition and the partnerships acquired will propel the DaPunk project to the center of attention in the NFT community, holders will consequently benefit from a constant upward pressure and a gain in value of the NFTs they hold.

Club member earnings!

We're working with a high-end/quality manufacturer to release the first merch collection of the Da Punk club that will be available only for our holders.
Through careful and detailed design guidance, we will make sure to create unique statement items before, during, and after the launch of this drop.


The goal of the project is to buy land in a sandbox or any metaverse project! THE Integration begins.
With The DA PUNK FAM, we choose the future!

We want to create a place for all punks, a place with private events, meetings and play.
A place where all holders can meet and get to know each other in this incredible community.

Gathering To Better Grow…COMMUNITY FUND UP

We are committed to investing, rewarding, supporting, and partnering with projects of our members.

The community will be able to vote & choose some projects we will fund.
NFTs are a positive-sum game (wagmi), this is why we believe that such a commitment will also help grow the ecosystem in addition to providing DAPUNK with exclusive and early access opportunities.

All holders will be able to vote and choose the development of each project.
We want everyone to have the opportunity to launch their projects thanks to us and with us, because We are punk!

The Metaverse

As you know, the metaverse is taking a new dimension, its democratization, we really think we can be a part of this !
We want to be fully involved in this evolution in the world of blockchain and NFTs.

That's why we want to give an exclusive dimension to our creations and grant them the exposure in the metaverse through different partnerships.
There will also be Metaverse integrations with our Da Punk merch line.
This will only be available to our holders.

Each character in the Metaverse will be customizable with the NFT that you hold, along with the merchandise that is given to each holder.

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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