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Team :

7 people

Royalty :


Social :


Dead Ape Club

Mint date :


Presale date :


Supply : 9,999 NFTs

Price : 0.1 ETH

Description :

Dead Ape Club is building an innovative system that introduces ability to change items to its NFTs. This process makes it possible to change the look and customize them as per your liking. By accessing the appropriate section of the website you will be able to buy t-shirts, caps, and jewels designed in collaboration with fashion brands that can immediately be worn by your character.

Subsequently an exclusive metaverse with possibility to build up stores, bars, restaurants, production activities and much more will be developed.

Road map :

NEW YORK Q1-Q2 2022
The team is focused on the creation of the genesis collection, consisting in the first 250 NFT that will finance the project and marketing campaigns globally. The minting will start on May 18th 2022 at 18:00 CET.
Owners will benefit from a advantage reserved only for Genesis members, including the possibility of free assignment of plots of lands on the future and exclusive Dead Ape Island.

LONDON Q3 2022
Creation of the complete Dead Ape Club (DAC) collection, consisting of a total of 9999 pieces.
Owning a DAC offers advantages such as:
- participation in future drops of digital accessories in collaboration with global brands of wearables, in order to make your DAC even more unique and precious
- exclusive access to some areas site secrets, merchandising and much more.

In addition, when the conditions allow the Milan phase to be carried out, DAC holders will be included in the waitlist to participate in the initial sale of the Dead Island lands.

DUBAI Q4 2022
Exclusive focus on the creation of wearable NFT accessories by Dead Ape Club in collaboration with high fashion brands. At this stage you will want more than anything in the world to own a DAC.

MILAN Q1 2023

The time has come to hold on to the chair.
Once the first three phases have been completed, the sale of the lands of the exclusive Dead Island, the most exclusive Metaverse of all the Metaverses, will begin. Your DAC will take shape to interact with other users.

PARIS Q3/Q4 2023
Once completed the lands sale phase and the consequent development of the Dead Island, the official currency of the Metaverse DAC will be created. We invite you to deepen the matter in the Dead Island section.

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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