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Team :

4 people

Royalty :


Social :


Immortal Cat

Mint date :

TBA (May)

Presale date :


Supply : TBA (6-10k)

Price : TBA

Description :

Immortal Cat Universe
It's a Metaverse Dao Composed of Immortal Cat NFT Holders

We hope we can bring different filed, and areas of NFT Lover together. Achieve a fully decentralized community that constantly provides value to NFT holders.

Immortal Cat Benefit:

1. NFT Holder will acquire $ICC by staking right after launch. 💰

2. Wolf Game-like, a fully on-chain Breeding game🐑

3. $ICC Whitelist market, and $ICC NFT auction Market🪙

4. Holder able to mint eth message card by burning $ICC and Send it to any eth wallet address📝

5. Airdrop 3D Vox Immortal Cat NFT😶‍🌫️

6.$ICC is also able to mint Cathouse NFT🏚️

7. NFT World Immortal cat social hub (Mansion built-in)🌅

8. Use community fund to create a coin flip website, distribute profit to NFT Holder🎲

9. Use community fund to create an NFT Studio and launch more NFT projects, distribute profit to NFT Holder💵

10. Exclusive Alpha Channel for NFT holder🔐

11. Different competition or Meet up activtiy🎡

and much more ..........

We will launch a Wolf Game-like breeding game in the beginning. But we will also add much more utility at the same time. And make sure those values will constantly provide for a long time. Such as our Whitelist Market, Eth message card, NFT Auction Market, and Coin flip website. Those utilities ensure our NFT and $ICC value. We also believe the community is our greatest value.

Welcome to join us, become an Immortal cat🐱

Road map :

1. Day of Creation
Create Immortal Cat
Brain-computer interconnection
Mint Immortal Cat
Immortal Cat foundation
Immortal Cat club

2. Civilization sprout
Create Immortal Cat economic system with token $ICC
Stake to Earn,Rarity base.
Wolf Game like Fully on Chain Breeding game.
Alpha Channel -- first-hand information, don't miss it.
Auction Market (auction blue chip nft and whitelist)

3. Expedition
Cat house NFT
Cat postcard(Send your message via Cat Postcard to any ETH address)
Mint 3D VOX Immortal Cat NFT(2nd Generation)
Immortal Cat charity events
Coin Filp game (revenue will be distributed to NFT holders)

4. Enter Metaverse
Build P2E Immortal Cat Metaverse with NFT Worlds
Immortal Cat Studios
Continue to create value for nft holders with community funds, team resources, community strength
Initiate other NFT projects
The proceeds will be distributed to Immortal Cat NFT holders

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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