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Team :

7 people

Royalty :


Social :


Legends of Atlantis

Mint date :


Presale date :

06/05/2022 - 9pm CET

Supply : 7,777 NFTs

Price : WL 0.099 ETH, Public 0.125 ETH

Description :

Legendary Atlantean Art Quality

•While other NFT collections simply mix and match pre-made assets, every trait, characteristic, and asset on an Atlantean NFT is completely hand-drawn.
In Atlantis, details matter.
•Atlantis has over 20 senior digital artists from Disney, Blizzard, and Nickelodeon
working on our full-fidelity, 4K NFTs with subtle lighting and ultra-realistic details.
•Only Atlanteans will have the ability to choose from three different types of 3D model.
•No other NFT collection has made this possible, allowing Atlantis to have a unique but diverse community matched by no other.

Atlantean AR FBX Files Free for All

•All Atlantean citizens will have full access to their FBX files,
allowing them to use their avatars in full-fidelity form across multiple platforms, including AR and VR.

Atlantis Discord Events

•A full calendar of exclusive Atlantean events has already been created, including tournaments, quizzes, competitions, and gaming nights.
Our dedicated events team will organize and evolve events over time, depending on the wants and needs of our community.

Atlantis Giving Back — Royalties

•Atlantis has been designed to continuously evolve in the interests of its community and as a result
100% of royalty profits will go back into the project in the form of research and development.
•Research and development will be hyper-focused on expanding the Atlantis Metaverse,
increasing our reach to new members, all while developing more exciting and ambitious events.
•The land and infrastructure of our community will be continuously developed to both serve our members and grow our legend across other metaverses.
Royalties will fund events that occur multiple times per week for maximum community engagement — there will always be people to see and things to do.
Our DAO will band together to democratically benefit our community with outside investments.

Atlantis Physical Items and Merchandise

•While we are 100% Atlantean, we want to acknowledge our real-world people who make up our community with physical items,
which will be decided on and purchased as a community via our DAO.
•Atlantean physical items will also include merchandise of the highest quality and refined design.

The Legends of Atlantis Give Back

•Finally, we must address the dire situation in Ukraine.
For the last stage of our roadmap, we’d like to do our part to help those affected by the unprecedented humanitarian crisis occurring in Eastern Europe as we speak.
•While we could simply show our support through clichés and hashtags, we feel it’s our duty to help with genuine action.
On behalf of all of the Legends of Atlantis, we will donate a percentage of our mint funds to support the refugees of Ukraine.

Final Thoughts — What’s Next for the Atlantean Metaverse

It is Atlantis’s sincere commitment to providing unparalleled value for our members from the very first day.
We wish for Atlantis to be the defining metaverse, for all others to aspire to, and this is your chance to get in on the ground floor before anyone else.
Our team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to create an awe-inspiring experience for our community,
from luxury villas for our VIPs to a full calendar of events, there is something for everyone in Atlantis.
This is just the beginning of our journey, and you will not believe what we have in store for
Phase Two of our Roadmap in May — seriously, this is going to be game-changing.

Stay tuned, and prepare to be breathless.

Road map :

00 — What Atlantis Has Already Achieved

•We've successfully developed one of BIGGEST MMORPGs in the NFT space.
Atlantis is completely developed with attention to detail and usability on the highest point.
Unlike other projects, we are not making the same old promises for the future.
•We know that to be a culturally defining digital community, we need to lay the strong foundations of our metaverse before even one NFT is minted.
•A 1,200 x 1,200 prime world location has already been built in NFT World.
To give you an idea of its immense scale, our Atlantean world is larger than the entirety of Decentraland and Sandbox combined.
Player needs to spend over 6 hours walking around the Atlantis to check everything.
•A system of instant naturalization has been developed, allowing anyone who has purchased an Atlantean NFT to become an automatic citizen of Atlantis.
Atlantean citizens may travel freely to and from Atlantis and will hold special citizen rights within Atlantis.
•We have constructed a dedicated and exclusive VIP area for our most loyal Atlanteans to lounge, relax, and party.
•Several innovative games have already been built, allowing Atlanteans to interact, compete, and enjoy each other's conversation.
•A monumental Colosseum has been constructed to allow Atlanteans to test their mettle against their fellow citizens in a battle royale.
•Many completely unique assets have already been created, specifically designed for the theme of Atlantis.
•3 avatars have already been produced, which our Atlantean citizens can use and play with.
•Selected loyal Atlanteans from our whitelist will be given access to the alpha version of Atlantis.

GAME FUNCTIONALLY EXPLAINED ——> 🎮︱game-functionality

01 — Atlantis Metaverse Token — Atlantium

•Atlantis will create its own internal economy offering unique benefits within our Metaverse.
•The Atlantium Token will allow you to buy prime real estate and premium homes, as well as unique weapons and vehicles.
•We will also give the ability to interact with our world using the $WRLD token, as the economy grows, the possibilities for buying and selling in-world goods and services will multiply exponentially.

02 — Atlantis Metaverse Events

•Multiple games will be running 24/7 for all Atlanteans to enjoy, no matter your real-world time zone.
•A dedicated Atlantis events team will organize multiple tournaments exclusively for all Atlanteans.
•Our events team will create new special events that will be based on NFT type, allowing Atlanteans of all creeds to challenge each other.

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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