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Team :

10 people

Royalty :


Social :



Mint date :

July (TBA)

Presale date :

July (TBA)

Supply : 3,333 NFTs

Price : 2 SOL

Description :

What is MetaCreed ?
MetaCreed is a next gen AAA Strategy game, where you manage your Creed and fight for survival in a post apocalyptic Cyberpunk world.
Gameplay will include PVP & PVE Tactical Squad based combat similar to the X-COM franchise, combined with 4X Strategy elements - faction management , Industry (Crafting) , Cloning Chambers (breeding) and character customization.
The Game is set in the year 3333 where you start of in the Chaotic MegaCity called District V as a newly formed Creed (faction). You're goal is simple, establish your Creed as a ruling faction in the MetaCreed Metaverse, whether through fighting your way to the top or by turning your Creed into an economic powerhouse.
Choose your own adventure as a Warlord or as a Tycoon, District V is filled with opportunities to exploit or exterminate.

The gameplay in MetaCreed will be unique in a sense that it does not fall in your usual pre-defined categories in gaming. Instead it will take be taking some of the key winning elements from multiple genres and combining it into an experience that we hope will have the stickiness and depth of games like Eve Online that have had a die hard active community for almost 20 years.
The primary inspirations for MetaCreed is X-Com: Apocalypse, One of the original X-Com games which took place in a dystopian City in the future.

The Solution
MetaCreed will be built on a DeFi backbone to allow a full in-game economy to flourish. Our concept will allow gamers, investors and speculators to interact with the game based on there play style. If squad based PVP or PVE combat is not your preference, you'll be able to upgrade your Creed into a Corp, which is suited for a tycoon type role focused on asset acquisition and offering items & services to other players in-game.
Our layered approach is also designed to allow other NFT communities to be integrated into the MetaCreed EcoSystem and game later in the roadmap.

Gen X NFT Avatars
We will initially launch our pre-game NFTs called “GEN X” Avatars which is the best way to get major incentives and a head start in the MetaCreed Ecosystem. These Gen X NFT's can be considered the Governance NFT's and will be stakeable to receive $CREED tokens (In-game token). Holders will receive airdrops and other incentives as we complete major milestones in our game. This will includes early access, Gen 0 NFT’s (In-Game NFT's that will only be available to Gen X NFT holders), and items such as weaponry. Our promise is to ensure that Gen X holders are at the top of the food chain and will be rewarded for being early adopters.

As a Gen X holder, not only will you receive early adopter incentives but will also have access to our upcoming Dao that will also include in-game integration. Refer to Dao section for more info.
Our plan is to launch 4 GEN X Avatar collections representing our first 4 avatar classes. Each character will be part of a limited 3333 NFT collection, with different rarities and traits that will change the outcome of the airdrops they receive and the voting power they hold in the Dao. This means that not all Gen X NFT's will be created equal, but even the most common Gen X holder will still have a significant amount of value over not owning any and waiting for the in-game NFTs. Please refer to Incentives & airdrops section for more info.
Gen X Nfts will also be available on the secondary market. Refer to Secondary Marketplaces for details on which marketplace we will list on.

Name of token: $CREED
We'll be launching $CREED on Solana through an IDO. Our token will be integral to the in-game economy and will be used to purchase in-game items. It will also be used in our liquidity mining pairs and allow you to earn even more through staking.
Token Details and Tokenomics will be revealed shortly.
Token Hard Cap & Tokenomics
Details coming soon...

Road map :

Q3 2022
1- MetaMerc Collection Mint
2- NFT Staking
3- Psi Mystics Collection Mint
4- Pre-IDO Token Launch
5- District V City Reveal
6- Full RoadMap Reveal (See Docs)

Q4 2022
1- NetRunners Collection Mint
2- Sentinels Collection Mint
3- Full Tokenomics
4- Token Launch IDO
5- Symbiote DEX
6- DAO Formation

Q1-Q2 2023
1- Gameplay Reveal
2- Weaponry Launch
3- Faction Creation & Customization
4- Buildings Launch
5- Breeding & Character Customization

Q3-Q4 2023
1- Economy & Industry
2- Missions, PVP , PVE
3- Campaign Map ( Region Map )
4- 2024 Roadmap Reveal with Major Announcements

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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