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Team :

3 people

Royalty :


Social :


Prime Wolfs

Mint date :


Presale date :


Supply : TBA

Price : TBA

Description :

We are the wolves of web3, we are the PrimeWolves.
A single wolf is vulnerable, while a wolf in a pack is invincible.
We are the wolves of web3, born in the Metaverse.
We are a decentralized brand.
We are the PrimeWolf.

Be part of the pack now!

Chapter 1. The rebellion that started it all…
An unusual activity was noticed in a part of the Metaverse. Some newspapers announced that wolves-looking-like creatures were completely independent in the virtual world. Feelings about them were divided, as some were amazed by that new form of life, and some were skeptical about the full self-sufficiency of the clan…

That's how the era of the artists, builders, and rule breakers of web3 began. The PrimeWolf era.

Chapter 2. A detailed art
Physically, the PrimeWolf's design was largely inspired by the human pop culture such as Star Wars, Pokemon, or superheroes, and every PrimeWolf had its attributes - almost 250 accessories were listed. But we could also see some similar characteristics such as gazing eyes, sharp teeth, long tongues, a peculiar appeal to the moon, and a powerful 6th sense. But the physical traits weren't the only ones they had borrowed from humans. There were also behavioral similarities, like a strong sense of loyalty…

Chapter 3. Society's rules
In PrimeWolf's DNA, you can observe the importance of evolving as a pack. Their motto? "A single wolf is vulnerable, while a wolf in a pack is invincible." This is why these humanized wolves are an inside-the-Metaverse decentralized society. This means the PrimeWolf society is led by the community itself, through a voting process, and its own economic system, powered by the $SHEEP. It goes further: being part of the PrimeWolf movement offers the ability to claim 10 $SHEEP per day. By burning a certain amount of $SHEEP, members are allowed to customize their PrimeWolf, vote in the decentralized voting system, access the brand's shop and many other things yet to be revealed...

Welcome to web3.

Road map :


For those of you who are motivated, loyal, and born in the web3 then you have found a lifelong relationsheep through the pack.
All you have to do is share and respect PrimeWolf's 3 main values:

➡️ The community always leads, as PrimeWolf is a brand owned and managed by the community itself. By owning a PrimeWolf, you own a part of the brand and become a true shareholder. While the founders will put all the resources necessary to create a viable and long-term brand, YOU will be the real leaders behind the project.

➡️Every member shares differences - countries, age, gender - but unites through the love of NFTs, cryptos, arts, and the blockchain.

➡️Joining the PrimeWolf project is accepting to only share good vibes unless someone attacks a member of the pack!

Let's get to the heart of the matter. Each PrimeWolf NFT offers the opportunity to get a daily return of 10 $SHEEP. $SHEEP is the utility token that makes PrimeWolf’s universe work. PrimeWolf NFT holders will be able to claim their 10 daily tokens in the "claim" tab of our website. By burning their $SHEEP tokens, community members will be able to:

➡️ Customize their NFTs
➡️ Vote in the decentralized voting system
➡️ Get a mystery chest
➡️ Access and make purchases in the PrimeWolf shop
➡️ More utilities are coming very soon…

How will it work?

From the day of the mint, once you have your PrimeWolf NFT, connect your wallet to the "My PrimeWolf" section of our website. In this section you will be able to claim your $SHEEP token once a day, customize the name of your PrimeWolf and add a biography - other members of the community will be able to see the name and bio you gave your PrimeWolf in the Gallery on our website or directly on OpenSea

The decentralization of PrimeWolf will involve the creation of a decentralized voting system. This will allow our brand to be truly governed by the community in a transparent, secure, and efficient way on the blockchain thanks to the $SHEEP token. This token will be much more than a utility token, it will also be the governance token of PrimeWolf’s brand: holding the token will grant you access to the vote.

To create this decentralized voting system we've decided to partner with, the actual leaders on the market!

What will the decentralized voting system be used for? (‍This list is not exhaustive)

➡️ WolfMap and brand evolution
➡️ Partnerships
➡️ Creating IRL events


Boundaries between the virtual and the real world have disappeared, and the rules of the game are now rewritten: since the creation of PrimeWolf, we, the founders, no longer see the future of the brand without being involved in the Metaverse.

Claim and customization platform [live at mint]: on this platform, you will be able to claim your $SHEEP token once a day, customize the name of your PrimeWolf and add a biography.

Gallery [live after the mint]: in this gallery (accessible through our website), you'll discover all the NFTs of the collection, their rarity… plus the name and biography the owners gave them!

PrimeWolf shop (coming in July): this will be the bridge between reality and the Metaverse. Use it to buy tickets for IRL events, clothes, and merchandising designed after the brand... Product ideas are endless and all purchases will be made through the burn of $SHEEP tokens.

$SHEEP improvement: our blockchain developer, Chris, is already looking for new utilities for our $SHEEP token!

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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