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Team :

9 people

Royalty :


Social :


Psychonaut Ape Division

Mint date :


Presale date :


Supply : 7,777 NFTs

Price : 0.1 ETH

Description :

7,777 unique Psychonaut Apes are found within the division all ready to venture forth into the unknown. Each is comprised of over 130 custom designed and exclusive traits to deliver an astounding NFT collection of exceptional quality.

Each Psychonaut Ape will act as your entry into the WAYSTATION, a place where celestial worlds and psychedelic realms collide granting access to a multitude of members-only benefits. The holder now becomes the Psychonaut and will be led through a whole variety of experiences with more and more unlocking as they progress through the journey. Psychonaut Ape Division will become the pathway that connects all of this, creating a completely immersive experience.

Community is everything and ours will be a sanctuary of enlightenment and awakening where you will be able to earn your briefcase to travel into psychotropic frontiers yet unknown. It will also serve as an interactive portal to provide access to exclusive future projects and collaborations with celebrated artists in the NFT space via mint passes and other drops cooked up by the Psychonaut Experimental Acquisitions Team. Connection underpins that community and it is connection that Psychonaut Ape Division will deliver.

Road map :

Q1: Creation of the Psychonaut Ape Division

The 7,777 Psychonaut Apes will find a new place to call home on the Etherium Blockchain. We will reveal the Magnificent 7, Legendary 1/1s with special bonuses. Honorary collection will also be created for Partner Projects and a few other VIPs. Project will reserve 250 for future competitions, giveaways, promos, and partner collabs for post mint Growth.

Q2: Final Frontier Staging Post

Upgrade to Interactive WAYSTATION and LODGE metaverse on the website and in the discord. Involves full overhaul of website to an interactive format. We will also be looking to secure land on Sandbox, NFTWorlds or other prominent projects to facilitate entry into global Metaverse.

This will be presented as the WAYSTATION which will become the hub for interactive portals that our Psychonauts can explore. These portals will include our future Metaverse homebase, partner collections, Psychedelics Hub, Future psychedelic collections and experiences we create and much more. The LODGE will become the official Home of the Psychonaut Apes and bring forth a variety of new features.

In the discord the Lodge will become home to dedicated team of Alpha presenters and analysts. Introduction of the DAO to be governed by Lodge members (Holders). Each Psychonaut will get access to their room, a VR shareable space where they can show of NFTs and other collectibles. As the project grows the rooms will evolve and have access to even more immersive experiences.

Q2: The Portals are created

Psychonauts will have the opportunity to acquire their own dimensional briefcase and other artefacts which open portals to new realms. This will incorporate staking and burning mechanisms and essentially once a Psychonaut has their Briefcase then a whole new world of possibilities will be open before them. Interacting with objects and artefacts generated via the briefcase will take the Psychonaut into new frontiers, in some cases totally transforming them all together!

The Psychonaut Experimental Acquisitions Team acquire first interactive Chemicals for the Psychonauts to imbibe and revel in the results. This will be the formal 2nd collection where Psychonauts will be able to evolve into their super Trippy form. The Magnificent 7 will be ones to watch! WoahJonny and our other artists will create collections and psychedelic art encompassing multiple styles and media to create visually stunning and unique pieces for our Psychonaut community.

Q2/Q3: Our Foothold Expands

Expansion of community and building of partnerships, collabs and the VIP group. Our community will have exclusive early access and connections to top tier projects throughout the metaverse. The VIP group expansion into exclusive partner projects and artworks goes to the next level, procuring rare and valuable NFTs for the Vault and members. Events and spaces will be formed both virtually and in real life to grow and strengthen our bonds.

IRL events will be created and become regular events. Physical Art and Murals will be designed and created around the world by WoahJonny and other artists. These will have scavenger hunt bonuses attached for those who seek them out! Official Merch and accessories will be made available to our drippy explorers and proud Psychonauts. The range will increase to include customised apparel, skateboard decks, physical canvases and much more.

Q3/Q4: The Realms are open

Psychonaut Apes are now connected throughout all the metaverse and continue their exploration and evolution. Creation of additional lore and other media will see the implementation of NFT comics and animated media to share the adventures of the Psychonauts to the worldwide community. Live experiences to join the team on Psychedelic experiences and events will be formed and also filmed as we bring the brand to life. This is where the next chapter begins and as it gets closer the next stage of the expedition will be revealed.

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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