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Sneaker Heads

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Supply : TBA

Price : TBA

Description :

Sneaker Heads is an NFT collection made by the artist Ali Dawood. The project aims to bring the Sneaker culture in the NFT space. This collection is the initial drop and then many drops and collaborations are anticipated.

Road map :


The heart of Sneaker Heads is in the community. We are striving to build an environment where we merge sneaker culture, street culture, and NFT culture together.

- Full time moderation team
24 / 7 engagement and activities through our full-time professional moderation team.

- Community Events
Discord, Twitter, and real-life events for holders to build lifelong relationships and unforgettable experiences.

- Community benefits
Through partnerships with sneaker brands and retailers. We will give our holders the opportunity to have an advantage in the physical world. With early access to sneaker drops and other exclusive benefits.


By creating Sneaker Heads, we are creating the foundation of our global brand. This project is the beginning of a whole Sneaker Heads ecosystem in the real world and digital world.

- International brand identity

- Sneaker Heads Streetwear Brand, limited edition drops for holders
Sneaker Heads holders will have access to exclusive drops on a regular basis. The clothing brand will be a key part of the Sneaker Heads ecosystem.

- Hiring top-tier industry experts (Designers, fashion experts, C level executives)


This is the fun part: At the heart of sneaker culture is collecting. Sneaker Heads will deliver this through limited-edition drops for holders in collaboration with world-renowned artists and brands. These limited-edition drops will range in rarities some will be for every holder and some will be very limited paying homage to sneaker collecting culture and making collecting more special.


Sneaker Heads is a brand that strives to be at the cutting edge of merging the digital and physical worlds. The metaverse is not just one place but it is an entire ecosystem that we will develop. We want to increase the experience of Sneaker Heads members through numerous metaverse utilities.

- Virtual Reality / Augmented reality experiences
- Metaverse wearable airdrop

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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