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Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png

Tokenomics :

Minten costs 4.5% fee. These are made available to the team / project. With each transaction, a part of the volume to be transferred is burned. Under 100000 tokens 1% are burned, up to 1000000 tokens 0.1% and from 1000000 tokens 0.05%. From 5000000 minted tokens onwards, another mechanism kicks in, which counts every token above 5000000 twice and thus reduces the value paid out. This effect counts per Mint for exactly 9 weeks and decreases steadily. after that, the paid value is 100% again. That is why it is called Hodl Token. This stimulates trading on exchanges, which causes the value of the token to rise further.

Team :


Rewards :


Social :


Raddix Hodl Token

Launch date :

Already launched

Presale date :

No presale

Supply : Mint by depositing BUSD. Unlimited

Blockchain : Binance Smart Chain

Description :

The RHT is the foundation token for other projects still to come, such as Lottery and Blockchaingames (see ). It is 100% covered by BUSD and can be mined by anyone and paid out via contract / app. With each transaction, up to 1% of the volume to be transferred is burned. This increases the value of each individual token, and this value can no longer decrease. Due to this property, the token has 2 values: the value on the open market (exchanges etc.) and the deposited value. The RHT was developed to give future projects a stable token that can grow in value and ensures that the projects do not die due to dumping. In this way, the values can also be calculated in a stable way over the long term.

Road map :

Project 01 : Basics RHT
-Token Launch ✅️
-Listing on Pancakeswap, Biswap, Apeswap ✅️
-Website Launch ✅️
-Launch Application
Publish the Whitepaper
Listing RHT on CoinGecko

Project 02 : Start Project Purgatory
-Launch the Game SmartContract
-Launch Website
-Limited mint NFT*
-Airdrop DiscordMembers
-Launch of Marketing Campaign
...more in Roadmap of Purgatory

*NFT Purgatory for passive income Rarity: rare-legendary
**NFT Purgatory Smartcontract for passive incame Rarity: common

Project 03 : Start Project Minewars
-Launch Website
-Whitelisting Minewars
-Launch of Marketing Campaign
-Launch Alpha and Alphatesting
-NFT Presale
-Whitepaper Development
-Launch Play2Earn
....more in Roadmap of Minewars

General Goals :
-Partnerships with BCGames
-Partnerships to BC service providers
-Implementation of further projects
-Supporting the community to develop their own RHT projects

Listings :
-PancakeSwap, Biswap, Apeswap ✅️
...and more

Target Facts : For Step 01-02, Payout Loyalty Bonus to the first 50 RHT holders when targets are reached

-5.000.000 minted RHT
-First Partnerschips
-3.000 Discord Members
-300 Tokenholders
-Listing on CoinGecko

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Sci-Fi Red Stare_edited.jpg
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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