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Team :


Royalty :


Social :


Mob Squad

Mint date :

10/04/22 - 21H GMT

Presale date :

10/04/22 - 16H GMT

Supply : 1,001 NFTs

Price : WL 0.8 SOL, Public 1 SOL

Description :

Far deep in confines of Solana nature, lives a colony of 1001 dwarf creatures - commonly known as Mobs.

Striving in secrecy and rising throughout the strength of their own tribe, Mobs have been approached by a few explorers. Do you have what it takes to join Mob $quad? Get yours while you still can!

Once upon a time in a far galaxy, there was a species called MOB dwarfs. They have seen Solana nature and decided to invade the system! For a first exploration of the ground, an army of 1001 2D MOBs were sent to Solana, in order to guide and help other species explorers. The next step will be to send the stronger, robust dwarfs that are waiting for their scientific experience on Solana ground. They come in peace and looking forward on teaching and rewarding all the explorers that work with these crazy and varied dwarfs!

Road map :

-Phase 01

» Building the community
> On the early stages, we have launched our official website and generated our handmade
> MOBs in 2D while also working on the 3D version. Giveaways for the growing community were
> launched as well as the creation of new roles. 1.001 crazy 2D MOBs are finished and ready to be minted!
> Our team is financing from our own pockets a launch party for Mob Squad, with the label “Templo”. This party will happen on 09/04/22 in Okah Rooftop, Lisbon - Portugal. The main goal of our launch party is to gather every kind of people so that we can introduce them to our collection and explain what are NFTs and how it will help the world’s economy, but still have a lot of fun! On this first event, we will have three DJs specialized in electronic music, welcome drinks and the entrance will be free.
» Pre-sale mint 10/04/22 16H GMT
> 1100 1st gen. MOBs will be pre-minted for 0,8SOL, 5 hours before the public mint launch, for a strict whitelist. To get whitelisted, you only need to keep our discord active and spread the word to friends, family and everyone you know about the revolutionary Mob Squad! Be aware that some of the spots are already taken, so be fast!
» Public mint 10/04/22 21H GMT
> 901 1st gen. MOBs will be minted by the public for 1SOL.
» Secondary marketplace listings
> For now, our collection is listed on SolSea and looking forward to be listed on Magic Eden.

-Phase 02

» Second collection and community perks
> 7.777 3D MOB versions will be launched. Remember to stake your mobs so that you can redeem
> goodies! For starters, a 2nd gen. MOB will be donated to each 1st gen. holder. Whitelist will be provided with 500 spots.
> Creation of $MOB token.
» Pre-sale mint
>500 2nd gen. MOBs will be pre-minted 5 hours before the public mint launch.
» Public mint
> The remaining 2nd gen. MOBs will be minted by the public.
> Our $Mob token will be created and available to be used in our parties: you can use them to pay drinks in our bar and buy Mob Squad merchandise.
» Love is in the air!
> A breeding mechanism will be arranged and if you own two MOBs, you will be able to breed them and generate a whole new MOB, getting higher passive income by the new NFT you’ve received. For this procedure, you will need two MOBs and a rented Bungalow. The Bungalow will be available to adquire with $Mob.

-Phase 03

» Expand and find higher value
> 80% of royalties will be raised and given back to the community and a club will be available for members on Metaverse;
> A tattoo studio will also be launched in our Metaverse lounge;
> Business events will be placed on Discord and also in RL;
> Partnerships are already available in Black Coffee Art Gallery (Lisbon, Portugal); Don’t Say No (Zürich, Switzerland) and Ink League Tattoo Studio (Kaiserslautern, Germany) - holders will receive 30% discount on tattoos and can pay with BTC, ETH or SOL;
> Our events and parties with Templo will continue and always be bigger. Our community will have free entrance and V.I.P area in all events;
> At least 10-20% of all profit received from our tattoo studios and our ticket sales will go directly to the community wallet;
> The community will be heard so that we know in which countries we should make the events so that most of the holders can go;
> We will integrate a therapist on our Metaverse lounge so that you can also take care of your mental health;
> Philanthropy will be done by our own hands: we will make a poll to decide where we should focus and plan to go there, everyone who wishes to join us. We won’t give money away so that other people do the hard work, we will do it ourselves and hope you can also come with us;

-Phase 04

> A new collection that will blow your mind... what!??

Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
Copie de Sans-titre-1_edited.png
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